Delight your feet with our “in-a-rush” pedicure. This treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle grooming. Sugar scrub will be applied to remove dead skin cells. Followed by a soothing massage and finished off with your choice of nail color.


This pedicure starts with a soothing warm soak to soften the skin. Your nails are shaped & cuticles pushed then followed with a callus treatment and exfoliating scrub. A 12 minute leg and foot massage with your choice of our scent. Hot stones included.
Scent of choice: Honey Pearl, Lavender,Honey Pearl, Green Tea, Milk & Honey, Coffee Cappuccino

VOESH PEDICURE            

Make your ordinary pedicure EXTRA-ordinary with VOESH! The all-in-one spa system helps exfoliate, nourish, hydrate and moisture the skin. The treatment includes a deep sea salts soak to relive stress and fatigue. The treatment continues with a foot scrub, cool mud mask and warm towels. Sit back and relax with a 18 minute foot massage with your choice of our scent. Hot stones and warm paraffin included.
Scent of choice: Charcoal Detox, Jasmine Soother, Olive Sensation, Vitamin Recharge


A luxurious treatment for your feet indeed! This pedicure uses Pearl powder which contains calcium, protein and an assortment of amino acids to promote healthy looking skin. Feet are softened in a pearl powder soak, exfoliated with pearl powder scrub. A tension-relieving mask is applied for ultimate hydration & softening of your feet. Warm paraffin adds extra moisture leaving them velvety soft. To conclude this very relaxing pedicure experience, enjoy a 22 minute leg and foot massage with the oh-so amazing pearl foot cream. Hot stones and warm paraffin included.



Relax your senses while your feet are softened in a bath of Collagen therapy. The Aromatherapy Treatment releases body tension & mental stress. Collagen is rich in antioxidants and prevent cell damage while boosting skin repair such as skin irritation and wound healing. The exfoliating foot scrub polishes away coarse skin and encourages cellular maintenance and repair. It enhances skin absorption rates & locks in moisture, preventing skin from drying or cracking. A 22 minute leg and foot massage therapy treatment is applied to decrease fluid retention & swelling. Choose your favorite color of polish and your feet are sure to say “thank you”. Hot stones and warm paraffin included.

CRYSTAL ORGANIC PEDICURE                     

Our heavenly and ultimately the best pedicure that WYLIE NAIL BAR has to offer is the Crystal Pure Organic Pedicure! This CPO pedicure will hydrate and detoxify. Genuine sugar crystals give this product its great “scrub-ability”. Combined with steamy towels, this scrumptious treatment will melt away dry, rough skin, leaving you radiant and relaxed. A special “lotion candle” is lit to create an enchanting ambiance and as you watch it melts into a rich warm emollient foot candle oil. Pick your favorite scent to incorporate into a 26 minute foot massage, warm paraffin wax and hot stones included.
Scent of choice: Citrus Orange, Hawaiian Orchid